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Oct 2012
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Since 2008 our efforts were focused on creating a solid base and a network of professionals that you can trust your shipments.

ILN is a network of international freight carrier and you guarantee a match in the five corners of the world.

We are a company based in Tunisia, in the heart of the world. Created by a team of professionals in the field of transport (logisticians, advised in transportation officials in large corporations …) Our specialty is to connect independent forwarders and carriers and unite into one solid network. ILN is the most extensive global network with a base of over 40,000 freight forwarders and carriers. ILN provides shippers and buyers worldwide the best choice in international transport.

Our network opts represented by the largest accounts such as transport and logistics (FedEx, TNT, DHL …)

ILN brings together the best independent international freight forwarders and carriers in an inter connect option that offers better value-added transportation and logistics intelligent.

If You are looking for a partner in a corner of the world, but you do not know how? This is our business, ILN is a network that meets the needs of the processional are in search of partners and global contacts.

With long established connections with carriers by ILN your territory, we can ensure priority treatment of your movements.

ILN is a network which has been operated and managed to really benefit the group

We work mainly with agents referred and recommended are tied with a certain quality and service standards, and assembling financial heard.

By joining our group companies are required to undergo a selection process. The selection process is based primarily on the financial situation of the member, the number of years in service, reputation in the market, the sales force.

The ILN is largely maintained by annual conferences and management meetings and regular communications. Annual meetings should be attended by members of ILN to the vitality of the members within the organization.

To ensure your payment, the ILN was thinking about the creditworthiness of your partners and has set up the largest insurance program, the ILN provides coverage for Securing our members for a total amount ranging up USD 200,000.00 against the default of non-payment by another member.

With some programs, we have increased the confidence of members to work within our alliance.

Personalized service and competitive prices are supported by the unmatched resources of the family of ILN, the most powerful grouping of independent freight world

Within our alliance shippers and buyers benefit from the personal attention and drive for customer satisfaction only forwarders independent expert can provide, coupled with the technological support of our group.

We have partners, almost in all ports and airports, so no matter where your shipment is directed ILN can take good care of it.

We offer shippers and buyers a network of professional firms who know their business and yours. ILN Members have the ability to manage your shipments with care and skill – as you treated as a valued customer.

Network ILN is a unique blend of specially selected members who work together to provide complete solutions for supply chain on a global basis.

Being a member of ILN gives our members the opportunity to sell the concept of being part of a global network with the potential to be larger than any competitor in today’s market multinationals. We have developed specific tools that are geared towards customers of our members, rather than simply selling memberships to our potential members.

We are known to offer a more flexible approach to our customers due to the nature of our organizations are still able to quickly adapt to your custom needs.

ILN with copies of certificates of local quality can be obtained from our affiliate offices in your respective territories

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Oct 2012
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