International Logistics Network

We Care On Your Relationships

Our most

Global meeting

Optimize the costs of representation of your business
Meet new members with new business opportunities
we provide meetings with members of your own interest for each event.
We take care of all the organizational details to make each event as comfortable and enjoyable possible




Accession conferences scheduled at various locations throughout the world, our strategy is to organize our conferences closer to our members for the purpose of their facilities participating in the event.

Internal quality standards -

Financial Security Guarantee – All members are covered by the financial program implemented by the ILN.

Neutral arbitration for any disputes or problems of communication between members.

Partnerships with carriers, shipping companies and airlines. All members of the Network ILN must have preferential rates and booking.

- We offer a centralized and coherent support during maintenance operations with large companies, or in negotiation and studies of major projects and major transport offers.

Central database allowing members to manage all sales and multiple projects for clients from small to large outsourcing on a global basis.

ILN and monitor sales flows (between members) information on global accounts and special projects through a central database.

- Direct access to the profiles of all full members of society.

A summary of the new global industry, updated contact list of the member, the availability of partners, calendar events and communication network members.





Online tracking of your shipments

  • Online tracking of your shipments, which aids you to follow every single air freight / sea freight / shipping courier

• Enter AWB, container number, tracking number, bill of lading and the track!

• You can also follow a new expedition to the sender selection from a drop-down menu and enter the tracking number.

• The monitoring results are opened in a new window.



Monitoring of all transactions between members to control financial risks. Share billing files and generate tracking payments to the origin and destination. Generate alerts payment to avoid late payments and accelerate their satisfactory resolution. View, print, and manage all your incoming and outgoing shipments. Receive automatic notifications for your items in your email.


Sales leads

• Sales Management within the network is simple and effective through a specially designed tool.

• Receive automatic notifications of your prospects on your email.

• View, print and manage your prospects sent and received.

Every month, each member must send a report of the number of sales generated with ILN members.


We encourage members to work with other members to get more benefits.



Keep your existing contacts and establish new business relationships each year.


• We submit all voting decisions of interest to all members ILN.

• tools for basic communication in our society are primarily based on the technology of information and communication such as, E-mail, chat, skype mobile …

• Each member has access to details of all members of the ILN through the directory space and Members of the mailing tool.

• Each member also has an account on our database, and may change according to his needs.

• Some information will be communicated to all members ILN, information on the celebrations of meeting, reception and information on new members.

• Learn about the most relevant news in the field of transport and logistics.



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