International Logistics Network

We Care On Your Relationships

Why use ILN
  • 10 reasons to trust us:

- You get the largest insurance program in the world, up to USD 200,000.00 to secure your discussions with members ILN.

- A program for protection against bankruptcy members ˝ GOLD ̏

- You should also provide you with a match in 180 countries through a network of highly trained professionals.

- With ILN, you benefit from preferential freight rates from the largest shipowners in the world.

- We guarantee annual meetings to put you face-to-face with your partner The ILN members.

- We ensure constant monitoring of your shipments 24/24, 365 days.

- Do not worry about your transfer in case of urgent operations and your unpaid invoices with ILN members.

- You are represented by the largest accounts in the field of transport and logistics

- We are the only network in the world that puts face-to-face carriers and freight forwarders.

- If you meet certain criteria that are set by ILN, our network offers a certificate ILN, highlighting your skills and professionalism. To view our certification program click here . (by clicking on this link to download a client program that certification must specify ourselves)

- We provide assistance and support to all our members, such as customs clearance, unbundling, pre and post-shipment of merchandise, main transport …


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